A Letter From the Owner

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"Thank you for taking time to visit us and welcome to Allied Home Restoration. We are based in Fenton, Michigan and serve Genesee, Oakland, and Livingston County as well as the surrounding areas.

I have lived in this area all of my life. My parents are here, my kids go to school here- and I've built my business here. Where national franchises come and go, I've stayed. I've stayed because I firmly believe we do the best and most cost efficient work anywhere. Since I was 22 years old, I've worked on floors and home remodeling. I know what works and what doesn't.

If you're here, you're no doubt experiencing some pretty tough times. I get that. Time after time, we get calls for burst pipes, flooded basements, walls and ceilings filling with water, and people who need help NOW! That's where we come in. I don't expect myself to be an expert at what you do for a living, so I have to rely on you for your expertise. I always ask whomever we're working for to rely on us. We'll handle the insurance agents, the remodeling...everything you want us to. In the end, this is your home or business, so you make the call.

Finally, we're locally owned and operated. You won't see big TV ads or radio commercials for two reasons. One - it would increase our cost and I know the value of a dollar. And two, we rely on referral business. This means we have to do a good job so when your friend, neighbor, loved one, or fellow member of the business community is going through a crisis...we ask you tell them to call us.

I visit every client and every work site. So, if you hire us, at some point during the process you'll be dealing directly with me. I hope that gives you the trust and confidence to give us a try. I know trying to make snap decisions during a crisis is tough, so I hope we can be part of your solution."

From floor to roof, we do it all.


David Ralph