Allied Home Restoration in Fenton knows dealing with water extraction in wet carpet, especially padding, is a situation that needs immediate response for health reasons. Once mold is present in the carpet and padding, the best advice is to discard these items. Mold can and will pose various respiratory illnesses. While one may feel frustrated at the cost of removing the floor coverings (especially the padding), in the long run you will be much better off.

The most important action taken in a flooding is to locate the source and act quickly by calling Allied Home Restoration in Fenton and Grand Blanc, MI for carpet cleaning services and water extraction. The humidity, temperature, and dew point levels will determine how quickly mold will develop (24-36 hours in ideal conditions). Certain steps can greatly help to eliminate mold growth. Contact us today in Fenton, Holly and Grand Blanc, MI.

Carpet Drying

water damage restoration fenton mi,

If you have water in your carpet and padding in your home or office, call Allied Home Restoration immediately. Carpets absorb a lot of liquid and the padding beneath holds it all. A pipe burst, a toilet overflowing, or a storm sweeping through the area can cause your carpet to become soaked and damaged. These are just a few of the things that can happen.

If you need your carpet and padding dried, let the professionals at Allied Home Restoration in Fenton give you a FREE estimate. We can remove this unhealthy situation to avoid permanent damage. The longer you wait to call, the more damage is being done to your floors! Remember, some damage is invisible at first glance. Under the carpet or padding could be a disaster waiting to happen! Floors will soak up this moisture which makes them become weak and brittle. Don't wait... call us in Fenton, Holly and Grand Blanc, MI NOW!

Wet Carpet Damage

Allied Home Restoration in Fenton, Holly & Grand Blanc knows a lot of people will get a vacuum for water to remove it themselves. However, depending on the amount of water that needs to be dried, you may need to hire a professional like Allied Home Restoration to properly cleanup and prevent additional damage to your baseboards and floors.

Water damage can cause mold and mildew to start forming on the damaged areas. This will cause a musky odor throughout your living areas. Various reports issued by professionals in the medical field state it is dangerous for children, the elderly, or people suffering from breathing problems.

Call Allied Home Restoration

CALL now! We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will deploy a certified technician immediately to assist with sanitation. It is essential that all of the infected areas are treated, including floor boards, carpets, walls, or furniture.

Timing is everything when you suffer from water damage in your home or office. We take pride in our work and will give you a FREE estimate up front. We work with all insurance companies so the process is easy.