mold remediation fenton mi,

If you've recently experienced a roof or plumbing leak, flood, or other source of water damage, your home is at risk for becoming infested with mold. In as few as 48 hours, mold can make its way throughout your home completely undetected and present numerous long-term health risks. Schedule mold testing today.

The professional team at Allied Home Restoration is licensed, certified, and expertly trained in performing comprehensive mold testing and remediation services guaranteed to protect your home and basement from the dangers of mold. Our locally owned company has a long-standing reputation for providing the fastest response for mold testing and remediation, as well as smoke, fire, and water damage restoration. Contact us today to schedule mold testing in Fenton, Holly & Grand Blanc MI.

Why Choose Allied Home Restoration?

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The Mold Testing & Remediation Process

mold remediation fenton mi,

Mold and mold spores can be found anywhere, but they thrive in dark, moist and damp environments. It's common for a mold infestation to occur in the walls, foundation, and basement of homes that didn't receive professional restoration after experiencing water damage. Don't attempt to remove mold without professional assistance and safety equipment. Without proper ventilation, tools, and equipment, removing mold can result in dangerous spores spreading throughout your home without your knowledge. Once inhaled, these mold spores can cause a variety of long-term health problems. This is why it's important to get mold testing right away.

Here's a snapshot of our mold testing, remediation, and removal process - so you and your family have an idea of what to expect when our technicians arrive at your home:


Before recommending a proven course of action for your mold removal, our technicians will pinpoint the source of your mold, how severe the infestation has become, and a timeline for solving the problem. Because you have a busy life, we will try to work around your schedule during our IICRC-certified mold testing process in Fenton, Holly & Grand Blanc MI.

Remediation & Removal

While some other mold removal companies in Fenton may simply treat the symptoms of your mold infestation with a low-cost option, we know that completely removing your building's mold will result in your satisfaction and an increased likelihood of your sharing our name with your neighbors, friends, and family. We leverage our dehumidification, low-grain technology in-order to dry the area around the mold, reducing the chances that the mold worsens of spreads to surrounding areas. Contact us to get started inĀ Fenton, Holly & Grand Blanc MI.

Once inhaled, these mold spores can cause a variety of long-term health problems, including the following ailments:

Respiratory Diseases

Usually signaled by coughing, sneezing, and excessive mucus, severe respiratory infections are all typical first indications that you have a black mold problem. Unlike the common cold, these symptoms can linger for weeks and impact all members of a household.

Skin Rashes

As black mold infiltrates the pores of your skin, severe rashes can appear overnight. Even with ointments and other household treatments, these skin disorders will persistent unless the root cause of your black mold issue is solved.

Nausea, Fatigue & Vomiting

A life-threatening occurrence for children, elderly, or people with compromised immune systems, an allergic reaction to black mold may require emergency medical assistance. If exposure to mold continues, residents in the home may even experience internal bleeding from the lungs.

Our experienced crew will provide a thorough inspection to locate any and all mold in your home, provide complete removal services, and prevent future mold infestations using advanced disinfecting techniques. We will dispose of all mold using EPA approved disposal measures. We use only the latest equipment and are thoroughly trained in health and safety practices.

Contact Michigan's leading damage restoration and mold remediation specialists to request an estimate today! We're available 24/7 to take your call and guarantee a quick response. Let us handle your home restoration needs, as well as your insurance claim, so you can focus on getting your life back to normal.

Protect Your Home and Family

When you trust your home restoration to us, we'll handle your job from start to finish, from the damage assessment, estimate, and recommendations, to providing high quality restoration services, and finally, preparing, filing, and negotiating your insurance claim.

Contact Allied Home Restoration today to learn more about how we can help you with get the compensation you deserve for your fire, water, or mold damage restoration.